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Mercedes S Class W220 Fault: P1856 Gear selector lever / shift gate repair


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Mercedes S Class W220 Error: P1856 Implausible selector lever position Gearshift gate repair

Other possible error messages :

– Car sporadically goes into “F” – error
– Vehicle does not start (sporadically)
– P1856 – implausible selector lever position ( implausible jog function )
– 240C – Selector lever position from gear recognition module is not available on the CAN bus
– Gear detection module has detected an implausible selector lever position

Possible part numbers:

A220267, A2205451232, A2302674524, A2202670924, A2205452632, A2202672224, A2302670424, A2302670324, A2205452932,
A2302670624, A2202672624, A2202671524, A2302671824, A2202672824, A2202671424, A2205450432, A2205453032, A2202673124,
A2202671324, A2202672124, A2202671024, A2205452632, A2302674624, A2302671924, A2202670624, A2302675524, A2202673224,
A2205450132, A2202671424, A2302675324, A2302670424, A2202671224, A2202673324, A2205450132, A2205451232, A2302673524,
A2202672624, A2202672524, A2205452932, A2202671524, A2202670624, PP220540013, A2202674824, A2202672124, A2202673224,
A2205452132, A2205453032, A2202673124, A2302673424, A2302675124, A2202671324, A2302675524, A2202671024, A2302670424,
A2302671424, A2302670324, A2302674824, A2205450432, A2202671624, A2205452632, A2202670924, A2202672624, A2302671924,
A2202672524, A2302675324, A2202671224, A2202670624, A2202670624, A2202670624, A2202670624, PP22020148


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