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Opel Astra Easytronic control unit repair error P1607



Discover our specialized repair services for the Opel Easytronic control unit

Make & Model :
Opel – Corsa, Combo, Meriva, Tigra, Vectra, Signum, Zafira, Astra

Possible error message :

– Display permanently shows “F”
– Problems with gear selection
– Vehicle does not start
– P1607 Clutch actuator position controller error – Position sensor malfunction
– P1600 Control unit defective
– Display permanently shows “F”
– No diagnosis possible
Other errors possible on request

– Repair time 1-2 working days
– Control unit is ready for immediate installation
– Complete repair with removal and installation in Berlin possible on request

Possible part number:

55565728CC AG6D300401a L0G6D3000700AD L0G9D30G2801AA L0G6D3000800AB
L0G9D30G1900AA AG9D300711a 93189765BL L0G6D3000900ABA 55566934BY
L0G9D30G1900AB L0G6D3000900AC AG9D300709a AG9D300711b 55563619BU
AG9D300710b L0G9D3006101AE 93186563 AG6D300500o L0G6D3000700AC
93189764 LOG6D3000700AB L0G6D3000900AD L0G6D3000900AB 93189764AH
L0G9D30G0301AA 93189765 AG9D300710a 93189766 L0G6D3001000AB
LOG6D3000800 L0G9D30G0301AB 9126186AA AG6D300100a 9201680 93189767BE
AG6D300101a 93175433 AG6D300102a 93179211 55564997BE
93186563 AG6D300500c L0G6D3000800AD 93189767BM
93189765AC L0G6D3001000AE


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