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Audi transmission control unit repair 8K0927155C 00403263A9


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Discover our excellent service for repairing the Audi VL380 transmission control unit.
Our highly qualified specialists stand for professional control unit repairs that meet the highest standards.
You can rely on our expertise to ensure the optimum functionality and performance of your Audi vehicle.

Potential error messages:

– G195 (17105 2227 P0721): Implausible transmission output speed signal
– F125 (17090 2221 P0706): Implausible signal from the speed sensor
– N88 (17137 P0753): Electrical fault in the switching valve solenoid valve
– N216 (18226 P1818): Electrical fault in pressure control valve 2
– N215 (18222 P1813): Electrical fault in pressure control valve 1
– G182 (17101 P0717): No signal from transmission input speed sensor
– (P171E): No signal from encoder for transmission input speed 2

Thank you for your trust in our repair services. Simply use our uncomplicated repair form. If the repair is successful, we offer free return shipping throughout Germany, including payment on delivery when the parcel is handed over. If you are not at home, you can conveniently collect the parcel from your post office and pay for it there. Payments can also be made by PayPal, bank transfer or cash on collection.

The repair time is currently just 2 working days and we offer a 24-month guarantee on our repair services.

“Potential part numbers:

8K0927155AH 00403263B4 00403263B1 00403263B2 8K0927155C 00403263A9
00403263B0 0AW927156E 0AW927156G 8K0927155E 8K0927155T 00403263B5
00403263B8 00403263B9 0AW927156H 00403263C0 00406532A3 00403263B6
00406532A2 00406532A5 8K2927155D 00406532A4 8K2927155G 8K2927155K
8K2927155L 8K2927155R 00406532A9 8K5927155 00403263B3 00403263B9
8K5927155B 00406532A8 8K5927155K 00406532A6 00406532A7 8K5927155L
8K5927155M 8K5927155Q 8K5927155T 00406532A5 00406532A8 8K9927155B


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