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Mercedes control unit error: P1842 Y3/7y3 P1844 Y3/7y5 Repair


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Mercedes transmission control unit repair, common faults:

– Y3/7y5 Y3/7n1 Solenoid valve switching pressure defective
– Y3/7s1 Y3/7n 2Solenoid valve switching pressure defective
– Component Y3/7y4 Y3/7y1 is defective
– Component Y3/7y2 Y3/7y3 is defective
– P1850 Speed sensor Y3/7n1 is defective
– P1858 The starter lock contact is defective
– P1895 P1896 P1897 Control unit defective
– P1898 P1899 P1900 Control unit defective
– P1901 P1902 Control unit defective
– No communication with control unit possible

For other errors, please feel free to contact us

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If the repair is successful, return shipping is free of charge throughout Germany and we also accept cash on delivery payments. This means that you pay the repair price when the package is handed over. If you are not at home, you can conveniently collect the parcel from your post office and pay for it there. You can also pay by PayPal, bank transfer or cash on collection.

The repair time is currently 2 working days and you receive a 24-month warranty on our repairs.


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