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Opel Meriva Combo Signum Vectra Zafira Easytronic control unit repair



Discover our specialized repair services for the Opel Easytronic control unit

Brand & Model
Opel Corsa, Combo, Meriva, Tigra, Vectra, Signum, Zafira, Astra

potential error message :

– Message “F” appears on the speedometer
– Problems changing gear
– Error occurs sporadically
– Vehicle does not start
– P1607 Clutch actuator position controller error
– P1600 Control unit defective
– No communication with the control unit possible

Other errors possible on request

– Repair time 1-2 working days
– Control unit is ready for immediate installation
– Complete repair with removal and installation in Berlin possible on request

Possible part number:

55352633AM 55351164BF L0G9D3006101AA L0G9D3006101AD 55560851BE
L0G9D3006101AE AG9D302907a 55353073AQ AG9D303701a 55561163BG
55561164BF AG9D306201a L0G4D400010600 AG9D306300e L0G9D3006601AA
L0G9D3006602AA 1208067 AG9D303600a 55353637AP 55355478AW
AG9D304401a 55556542BB 55351034AK AG9D302203a 55562970
AG9D302204a AG9D303700a 55562972BJ 55557546BD AG9D302205a
AG9D302908a AG9D300713a AG9D304600d 55352634AN AG9D302103a
AG9D303601a AG9D303901a AG9D303902a 55562971BH AG9D304000a
AG9D304001a 55354623AS AG9D304002a 55354154AR 55354624AT
AG9D306201a L0G9D3006100AD 55354624AT AG9D304100a AG9D304101a
55355108BC AG9D304302a


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