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DSG 7 speed DQ381 0GC Control unit programming


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We offer you a data transfer from the DQ381 transmission control unit.

Please mark the original control unit.

We are delighted that you have chosen us for coding or verification. You can simply and easily fill out our contact form.

With successful coding, return shipping is free of charge throughout Germany, and cash on delivery payments are also included. This means that you pay when the parcel is handed over. If you are not at home, you can conveniently collect the parcel from your post office and pay for it there. You can also pay by PayPal, bank transfer or cash on collection.

The processing time is currently 2 working days.

Part numbers:
0GC300012A 0GC300042R 0GC300044T 0GC927711H 0DL300012N 0GC300012 0DL300045R 0DL300012P 0GC300042G
0GC300043 0GC300011N 0GC325025D 0GC300044G 0GC300045 0GC300046A 0GC300011G 0GC300012E 0DL300011A
0DL300011L 0GC300012D 0GC300011M 0GC300012Q 0DL300011M 0GC300013P 0GC300014E 0GC300012L 0GC300045A
0DL300012G 0DL300047G 0DL300045B 0GC300012B 0DL300012R 0DL300012T 0GC927711G 0GC927711H 0GC300013L
0GC300040P 0GC300012A 0DL300011P 0GC927711H 0DL300011B 0GC300040T 0GC927711G 0260550109 0DV300046B
0260550088 0GC300012 0DL300012M 0GC300013K 0GC300044F 0GC300012E 0DL300011N 0260550086 0DV300012A
0GC300046F 0GC300012D 0260550150 0DL300046N 0GC300011N 0260550109 0DL300011N 0DE927711B 0DL300012P
0260550124 0DL300045R 0GC300042H 0GC300013M 0DE927711C 0GC300012L 0DL300045R 0GC927711G 0260550126
0GC300011G 0GC300043 0GC300045 0GC927711G 0260550109 0DE927711 0260550126


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